How Much Do Solar Panels Weigh? 1.30 – 2,608.7 lbs Chart

Can you carry a solar panel yourself? Will your roof hold up? To answer that, you need to know how much do solar panels weigh. For roof installation, the solar panel weight per square foot is extremely useful.

Now, here’s the deal:

It’s not all that easy to get the solar panel weight data. You have to check the bottom of the specification sheet to get that data, and you only have listed ‘gross weight’, not weight per square foot. When figuring out how much weight do solar panels add to a roof, that would be quite useful data to have.

weight of a solar system on a roof
All individual solar panels weigh less than 100 lbs. However, solar systems with 8kW rated capacity and above add more than 1,000 lbs to your roof.

Not to worry, however. We have sampled 6 different solar panels with wattages ranging from 100W to 400W, and total weights ranging from 11.5 lbs to 51.8 lbs, to figure out what is a typical solar panel weight per square foot.

Once we figure this average per sq ft weight, we will be able to estimate how much any solar panel or any solar system weighs (and get from the smallest 10W solar panel to the big 20kW solar system weight, found in a big solar panel weight chart further on).

Average Solar Panel Weight Per Square Foot

Alright, here are 6 sampled solar panels with the wattages, dimensions, total weight, and weight per square foot (weight per square foot is calculated by dividing the total weight by solar panel roof area):

Solar Panel: Dimensions: Total Weight: Weight Per Square Foot:
100W 12V Renogy 41.8 x 20.9 Inches 14.1 lbs 2.32 lbs Per Sq Ft
175W 12V Renogy 52.3 x 26.4 Inches 20.9 lbs 2.18 lbs Per Sq Ft
200W 12V Renogy 65.0 x 26.4 Inches 26.5 lbs 2.22 lbs Per Sq Ft
100W 12V Eco-Worthy 39.7 x 18.1 Inches 11.5 lbs 2.30 lbs Per Sq Ft
195W 12V Eco-Worthy 58.3 x 26.3 Inches 21.5 lbs 2.02 lbs Per Sq Ft
400W Tesla Panel 74.4 x 41.2 Inches 51.8 lbs 2.43 lbs Per Sq Ft

As we can see, 100W solar panels weigh about 10-15 lbs, 200W solar panels about 20-30 lbs, and 400W Tesla roof panel weighs 51.8 lbs. The most important thing, however, is that we see that the solar panel weight per square foot has quite a thin range (from 2 to 2.5 lbs per sq ft).

By averaging these weights per square foot, we can calculate the average solar panel weight per square foot. Here is the calculation:

Average Weight Per Square Foot = (2.32+2.18+2.22+2.30+2.02+2.43)/6 = 2.25 lbs Per Sq Ft

We can see that, on average, solar panels weigh 2.25 lbs per square foot.

Now, here is another neat mathematical trick we can do. In our article about average solar panel wattage per square foot here, we have estimated that solar panels have an average rated wattage of 17.25 watts per square foot.

If we know that 1 square foot of a solar panel weight 2.25 lbs and has a rated wattage of 17.25 watts, we can calculate the how much any solar panel (100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W) and any solar system (3kW, 5kW, 10kW, 20kW, and so on) weight. Here is the formula for solar panel weight, based on the rated wattage:

Average Solar System Weight = 2.25 lbs Per Sq Ft × Solar Panel Wattage / 17.25W Per Sq Ft

Quick Example: How much does a 5kW solar system weigh? We just insert 5000W (5kW = 5000W) in this equation, and get the result like this:

Average 5kW Solar System Weight = 2.25 lbs Per Sq Ft × 5000W / 17.25W Per Sq Ft = 652.2 lbs

When we know that a 5kw solar system weighs, on average, 652.2 lbs, we can estimate if our roof can handle this additional weight.

We have used this formula to estimate the solar panel and solar system weight ranging from the smallest 10-watt solar panel to the big 20kW solar system. All the total weights for these panels and system are gathered in this chart:

Solar Panel Weight Chart (Theoretical Averages)

Solar Panel Wattage: Average Solar System Weight:
10 Watts 1.30 lbs
50 Watts 6.5 lbs
100 Watts 13.0 lbs
120 Watts 15.7 lbs
150 Watts 19.6 lbs
200 Watts 26.1 lbs
250 Watts 32.6 lbs
300 Watts 39.1 lbs
350 Watts 45.7 lbs
400 Watts 52.2 lbs
450 Watts 58.7 lbs
500 Watts 65.2 lbs
600 Watts 78.3 lbs
700 Watts 91.3 lbs
800 Watts 104.3 lbs
900 Watts 117.4 lbs
1,000 Watts 130.4 lbs
1,500 Watts 195.7 lbs
2 kW 260.9 lbs
2.5 kW 326.1 lbs
3 kW 391.3 lbs
3.5 kW 456.5 lbs
4 kW 521.7 lbs
4.5 kW 587.0 lbs
5 kW 652.2 lbs
5.5 kW 717.4 lbs
6 kW 782.6 lbs
6.5 kW 847.8 lbs
7 kW 913.0 lbs
7.5 kW 978.3 lbs
8 kW 1,043.5 lbs
8.5 kW 1,108.7 lbs
9 kW 1,173.9 lbs
9.5 kW 1,239.1 lbs
10 kW 1,304.3 lbs
15 kW 1,956.5 lbs
20 kW 2,608.7 lbs

Now you can just read the estimated average solar panel weight from this chart. Here are some examples:

  • On average, a 100-watt solar panel weighs 13.0 lbs.
  • On average, a 300-watt solar panel weighs 39.1 lbs.
  • On average, a 400-watt solar panel weighs 52.2 lbs.
  • On average, the biggest 700-watt solar panel weighs 91.3 lbs.
  • On average, a 3kW solar system weighs 391.3 lbs.
  • On average, a 5kW solar system weighs 652.2 lbs.
  • On average, a 10kW solar system weighs 1,304.2 lbs.
  • On average, a big 20kW solar system weighs 2,608.7 lbs.

Hopefully, you will find your solar panel or solar system weight in this chart. Otherwise, you can use the equation above to figure out how much do solar panels weigh. If you need any help with the calculation, you can give us some numbers in the comments below, and we will help you do the math.

Based on these weights, you can start to figure out if solar panels are too heavy for your roof, for example.

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