The Green Watt

Renewable energy is the future.

At The Green Watt, see our job as equipping you fully with the necessary information you require to join us in harvesting zero-carbon renewable sources of energy. That means that we want to make the environmentally-friendly transition to green renewable sources of energy as easy as possible.

We regularly provide you with the latest news on renewable energy, with a special focus on solar energy. On top of that, we try our best to adequately educate you about the know-how of solar energy, including:

  • Easy-to-use calculators for your solar projects. Example: Solar calculators.
  • Informative articles about how to start with solar.  Example: Does solar pay off.
  • Specs-based recommendation of solar products such as solar panels and solar gadgets. Example: Which are the best solar panels to install on your roof?

Here is an example of several solar calculators you can freely and easily use:

Needless to say, saving the planet is what we should all strive for. It is the common goal and it will take all of us to agree on an environmentally-friendly agenda.

Governments and institutions are likely to bear the bulk of the work in this transition. What we focus on and what every one of us should ask ourselves is this timeless question:

Don’t ask yourself what the governments can do to stop climate change. Ask yourself what you can do to stop climate change.

It is an empowering mission everyone can join in. Of course, governments and institutions will help us with green policies, including tax credits and subsidies for residential use of renewable energy, but it takes us as individuals to strive for better and sensible energy production.

A single household installing solar panels on its roof will not solve climate change on its own. However, if enough of us dedicate ourselves to a common goal, there is nothing that can stop our combined action.

Example: Million homes installing 5kW solar panels on their roofs will generate an estimated 22,500,000 kWh or 22.5 million kWh every day. That’s 8212.5 billion kWh per year.

A standard 500-megawatt coal plant produces 3.5 billion kWh per year. That means that a million homes deciding to install 5kW solar panels generate the same amount of electricity as 2346 standard 500 MW coal power plants.

To start the combined action, we need to educate ourselves about the ins and outs of renewable energy generation. At The Green Watt, we provide you with the categorized information content about how to transition to renewables. If you can maneuver through all of that, nothing can stop you from energy self-sufficiency.