How Many Amps Does A 100 Watt Solar Panel Produce? (Up To 8.33 Amps)

We know that 100-watt solar panels produce 100 watts of electricity (in ideal conditions). That only tells us how much power does 100-watt solar panel produce. It doesn’t really tell us how many amps does 100-watt solar panel produce, does it?

We can answer ‘100 watt solar panel: how many amps’ question quite easily. That’s because we know the two required specifications of 100-watt solar panels that help us calculate how many amps does 100-watt solar panel produce. These are:

  1. Electrical Power (Wattage). How much power does a 100W solar panel produce? Well, we already know this; a 100W solar panel produces 100 watts of power.
  2. Electric Potential Difference (Voltage). All 100-watt solar panels run on a 12-volt circuit. That’s because most of the batteries have a 12V voltage.

Based on wattage and voltage, we can easily calculate how many amps does 100-watt solar panel produce, using the electric power equation:

P (watts) = I (amps) × V (volts)

We will calculate the number of amps 100-watt solar panel produce in ideal conditions (100% efficiency). What is even more important, we will estimate how many amps does such a panel produce at 90%, 80%, 70%,…, 10% efficiency. That will give us a more realistic insight into amperes produced during the day as well as during the night.

How Many Amps Does A 100 Watt Solar Panel Produce
A single 100-watt solar panel produces up to 8.33 amps.

100 Watt Solar Panels: How Many Amps Exactly?

By rearranging the equation above, we can express the electric current I (or amps, as it’s customarily known) like this:

I (amps) = P (watts) / V (volts)

We know that power is 100 watts (P) and that we have a 12-volt circuit (V). We just plug these two figures in the equation and we get how many does 100-watt solar panel produce:

100-watt panel amps = 100W / 12V = 8.33 amps

There you have it; a 100-watt solar panel produces 8.33 amps. But that’s only at ideal conditions for a solar panel (77°F or 25°C, no clouds, and so on).

Most of the time, we don’t have ideal conditions. There are clouds, temperatures higher or lower than 77°F or 25°C, even rain, and obviously night. In such realistic conditioners, the amp output of 100-watt solar panels drops.

To help you understand how many amps can 100-watt solar panels produce in a realistic conditioner, we have calculated the amp output in non-100% perfect conditions. Here are the amps produced in realistic conditions:

100W Percentage Output: Produced Amps:
100% output 8.33 Amps
90% output 7.50 Amps
80% output 6.67 Amps
70% output 5.83 Amps
60% output 5.00 Amps
50% output 4.17 Amps
40% output 3.33 Amps
30% output 2.50 Amps
20% output 1.67 Amps
10% output 0.83 Amps

With these calculations, you can get a realistic illustration of how many amps does 100-watt panel produce.

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